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Pupil Progress instantly analyses raw data, giving you a full view of individual students, classes, faculties and whole schools in real time.
Track and analyse your student’s progress in seconds with grade calculations which exactly mirror the exam boards’. All trackers are built bespoke to the exact specifications of the exam board and are ready for you to use.

Live Tracking

This is the backbone of the system

Our tracking sheet provides live calculations of working-at-grades. As soon as data is added, you’ll instantly see the working grade. 

We’ve worked with subject specialists and exam boards to ensure our working-at-grades are calculated exactly as the exam board would, giving you the highest level of confidence in your data.

Download the tracking sheet as an Excel spreadsheet to present in meetings, or use in reports.

H2 Entering Data to the tracker

Individual Pupil Reports

View, download & print pupil reports as PDFs

These provide a complete breakdown of the course and how well the pupil is doing in each area, and can also be shared with parents and guardians. 

Many of our participating schools have reported that this feature has ensured they have had the most effective parents’ evenings ever, with sharply focused conversations about each pupil’s progress.

H2 Individual Pupil Reports
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Personalised Assessments

Add your own End of Topic Tests and Practice Questions to your Live Tracker

This allows you to personalise the tracking system to replicate the assessment schedule that you have set for the year - perfect for tracking your end of topic tests, mini assessments/mocks and multiple mock papers. 

Pupils love this as it will even calculate a grade for you from a single or from a group of assessments. Marks are added up and scaled to reflect the unit score so you can be sure they don't skew your Working At Grade prediction.


H2 Personalised Assessments


Grade Boundaries

Choose & adjust the boundaries you want to use

All previous year’s and our estimated grade boundaries are pre-loaded in the system, meaning you can choose which exam series grade boundaries you want to use

Increase or decrease the boundaries by a percentage to change the level of challenge for your students. All grades on the tracker are instantly updated to reflect the changes in the boundaries.

H2 Grade Boundaries
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Departmental Summary Reports

Get a clear breakdown of progress

Live breakdown of the percentage of pupils working at each specific grade, and the percentage of pupils who are making the required progress. 

Generate summary per class, a group of classes, or year group, export them as an Excel document and use them to create focused meetings with your team.

It also means that you don't have to spend hours collating and generating the data - it is ready at the click of a button.

H2 Summary Reports


Get an accurate grade predictions

Ours is the first system that allows you to see exactly what a pupil needs to achieve in order for them to achieve their target grade. 

You can forecast for each individual component of each specific course - we've been getting reports from teachers about how this tool has given the most accurate prediction for the previous exam series, so we're excited to share this tool with you too.

H2 Forecasting
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Add Multiple Mocks

Compare progress between mocks

Being able to add multiple mocks allows you to see a comparison of the data from more than one mock quickly and easily. All mocks added are added with Question Level Analysis (QLA), providing the most useful information and potential analysis.

This will save you having to record the outcomes of multiple mocks on multiple trackers. This also relieves the stress of then trying to determine the working at grade from multiple mocks.


6 Week WF - Adding Multiple Mocks

Generate Moderation Forms

8 hours of admin work cut down to seconds

That the busiest time of the year the last thing you want to be doing is copying across data from your spreadsheets in to moderation forms to send off to the examiner. So why not just have it done for you at a click of a button?

Our Moderation Form download will populate the form from the exam board with the data from your trackers ready to be sent off. All you need to do is think of what your going to do with the hours of work you have saved yourself!


Moderation Forms
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