If you want to be able to do something on our trackers, chances are you can! These videos will take you through our most commonly asked questions.

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How can I add new classes?

  • Send us your classlists OR upload your classes yourself
  • Edit the tracker types
*H2 Adding your own classes. 4.03

How can I find out what grade my students are working at?

  • Add data to the tracker
  • Edit the tracker types
  • Calculate accurate grades exactly as the exam board does
H2 Entering Data to the tracker

Can I add my own tests or columns to the trackers?

  • Add tests out of your choice of max marks
  • Add extra mock columns
  • Add a column for just the total marks for a mock


H2 Personalised Assessments


How can I add KS2 Prior Attainment Data?

  • Add KS2 data to your students
  • Use it to compare Grades with prior attainment
H2_ Add KS2 Prior Attainment

Can I change the grade boundaries?

  • Change the boundaries to a different series
  • Raise or lower the boundaries
H2 Grade Boundaries

How do I save a snapshot of my data & compare progress?

  • Save a copy of your live tracker
  • Open an archived version of your tracker
  • See progress of your students instantly 
H2 Archive tool

How many students are currently working at a grade 5?

  • Get breakdowns of the percentage of students at each grade 
  • Instantly analyse specific sub-groups of students
H2 Summary Reports

How can I rank students on the same grade?

  • Use your Live tracker data to inform your student rankings
  • Instantly rank students on the same grade
  • Download an excel file to edit and finalise
Covid 19 Step 4-1


How can I produce Student reports?

Find out how to:

  • Open a summary report of a student
  • Download a class set of student reports
  • Download reports of a student across all subjects
H2 Individual Pupil Reports

Can I get more accurate predictions?

  • Import data from your Live tracker into the Forecast area
  • Play with your data to get more accurate predictions
  • See where students can improve their marks and grades the most
H2 Forecasting

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